Anthropology of Pacific North America

This series is dedicated to the dissemination of archaeological and anthropological research about the coastal and riverine areas of western North America, Alaska, and the Arctic. Its scope includes original research, edited volumes, and classic reprints. Unique in scope, the series highlights the rich cultural and archaeological traditions of the peoples of the great north-pacific world.

Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry

The Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry is a discussion forum for such areas as technology, gender, style, power, ritual and religion, and evolution and their linkage with the archaeological record. Titles in this series, unrestricted to geographic area or time period, provide thought-provoking and innovative approaches to archaeological theory and the methods used to recreate the past. James M. Skibo is the Series Editor.

University of Utah Anthropological Papers

Begun by the late Jesse Jennings, the University of Utah Anthropological Papers are a comprehensive series of over one hundred scholarly papers focusing on site reports, primarily in the Great Basin and adjacent areas, informed by a strong theoretical component. For years many of these volumes have been out of print, with only selected early volumes reprinted in recent years.

Now, for the first time in decades, Volumes 1–122 are available once again from the University of Utah Press, printed on demand on the Espresso Book Machine at the Marriott Library, University of Utah. You can order these volumes by clicking here.

Books are reproduced from scans of the original volumes, quality varies. Returns will not be accepted on these volumes. Volumes 124-129 remain available in their original print versions. For international orders, please contact the University of Utah Press at (801) 585-0082 

National Park Readers

Series editors Lance Newman and David Stanley

Utah Series in Middle East Studies

Originally named the Utah Series in Turkish and Islamic Studies, this series now has a broader focus to publish books in the area of history, politics, and society of the Middle East. M. Hakan Yavuz is the Series Editor.